Trusted Military Vet , Experienced Exec, Local Entrepreneur


I am ready to take on the challenges facing U.S. Congressional District 6. Support my campaign by donating today.

I will immediately take actionable steps towards a positive future for our families, friends and neighbors.

Disclaimer: The US DoD does not endorse any candidate for public office.

Disclaimer: The US DoD does not endorse any candidate for public office.

About Imran

My family immigrated to the USA when I was as an impressionable 10-year old. Through those initial integration experiences, I was able to embrace and deep-root the American values of Freedom, Equality, and Opportunity. Seeking further access to that opportunity my family moved to Arlington, Texas, where I charted my path in education, military service, corporate leadership, and entrepreneurial success.

Opportunities and access gained though education, military service (both enlisted and officer), corporate leadership, and entrepreneurial success, instilled an obligation to serve my fellow citizens. I plan to “pay-it-forward” by opening doors to the American Dream.

Honorable Harryette Ehrhardt, Former Texas State Representative
I am very pleased to endorse Imran Khan’s campaign for US Congress in the 6th District. I have known Imran since 2010 and served with him in the Army Reserve. He proved himself to be intelligent, resourceful, and dedicated with a passion for getting things right and for protecting the rights of others.
— John J. Donnelly, Ph.D., Retired U.S. Army Brigadier General

On The Issues

As a Congressman I will focus on issues which I’ve navigated in my own life, and which matter to my friends & neighbors in Texas Congressional District 6:

  • Access to economic opportunity

    Access and availability to quality and affordable healthcare for all citizens

  • Dignity for all citizens from oppression and targeted, hateful policies

  • Common-sense National Defense, National Security, and Foreign Policy

  • Immediate Justice and prison reform

  • Respectful immigration reform

  • Climate change and policies to slow down and reverse it