Women’s Rights

Women deserve equal rights and equal opportunities. My mother’s strength and perseverance have fueled my own values and motivations. She stood strong and undeterred as her and I, partnered to hold our family together through very rough circumstances. I take it as a duty to honor her, and all women, by championing women’s rights.

Justice & Prison Reform

“The highest number of citizens imprisoned in the world,” is a statistic we Americans need to fix immediately. It’s a fact that vast majority of our imprisoned population are Blacks and Minorities. I will fight to fix these unfair and unjust laws at every layer of government


We have gone through multiple technology revolutions just in the last few decades. With new innovation being developed and taken to the market faster and faster.

Our district has one of the best Universities and Engineering schools in North Texas, yet our business community have not been able to take advantage of the technology revolution.

When I am elected, I plan to cultivate an environment, where entrepreneurs are successfully able to develop, nurture and convert ideas to business models. Then take it to market for profitable endeavors.

National Defense & National Security

I strongly believe in defending our nation from foreign and domestic threats. I joined the Army as a 17-year old kid and matured to adulthood guided by commitments of duty, honor and country. Our military have suffered through blundering and incompetent political policies that I plan to fix. We have been at a failing war for over 16 years. It is time to support our troops with a military-trained, and military-experienced leader.

Economic Development & Transportation

You don’t need an MBA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas to know, that the free flow of movement serves as fuel for commerce and spurns economic development.

Arlington’s public transportation problem puts the citizens at a significant disadvantage. The outcome is poverty stricken, dilapidated neighborhood where citizens can’t find transportation to get work, receive healthcare or even adequate grocery options. I guarantee, when I am elected, I plan to bring public transportation to Arlington.


Being a caretaker, I have personally experienced the bare minimal and poor quality healthcare available to the poor and under-represented population in the district. Yet another number one, Texas ranks the highest in the number of people without health insurance. Even with insurance, the complexities of paperwork and navigating the web of steps to receive service is a full time job in itself.

I will fight for your right to receive affordable and quality healthcare by working to lower prescription drug prices, maintain coverage for pre-existing conditions, expand medicaid access.


Millennials and Gen Z

The current environment has loaded Millennial and Generation Z with unbearable student loans and employment options that are frivolous with no hope of relief. We must focus to grow our youth and release them from the burdens of low wage and zero benefits of the now labeled ‘gig economy.’ Options must exist for We must create an environment where our youth can learn and grow to be tomorrow’s leaders.


Being an immigrant my self, I know the pains of traveling to and starting a new life from scratch. The current environment of scapegoating and name calling immigrant populations, whether Hispanic, Latino, or the Muslim population does not align with our American value system. It is time to stop with the hatred and fix our immigration system.

Immigration offers a piece of the solution to the aging working population and keeps the engine of our economy flourishing. While it is my duty to keep our national borders secure, I plan to also work towards a humane and dignified path to citizenship for DREAMers as well as a temporary work visa program to legally manage transient worker population